Information integration and governance

Master a single version of the truth. Protect data. Enable compliance.

Integrate, transform and protect your data

IBM® information integration and governance capabilities help you improve, protect and govern your business information. With IBM, you can integrate data from diverse sources for diverse targets, ensure quality and maintain master data for multiple domains—as well as secure and protect your data and manage it throughout its lifecycle.

These capabilities help you increase the value of your enterprise data for information-intensive projects such as big data and analytics, 360 degree view of the customer, application consolidation and retirement, and compliance initiatives.

Information integration and governance capabilities

Deliver greater value to your business

Technology solutions, customized for your environment, can enable you to address your unique business requirements. IBM Information Integration and Governance (IIG) solutions help you unlock the value of your information assets so you can deliver greater value to the business.

  • Build confidence in big data and data warehouses

    Confidence in big data for analytics
    Take charge of complex, convoluted and conflicting data, and deliver consolidated, consistent and current information to your data warehouse.

  • Gain a complete view of your customers

    Enhanced 360 degree view of customers
    Build and manage a single view of customers, products and other domains by incorporating data from diverse sources and delivering complete, accurate and timely information.

  • Improve operations by consolidating and retiring applications

    Application consolidation and retirement
    Consolidate multiple instances of enterprise applications. Retire outdated applications and archive old data to reduce risk and costs. Enhance application quality and improve compliance.

  • Enhance data security and privacy

    Data security and privacy
    Protect your enterprise data, improve data integrity and security, and reduce compliance costs.

  • Improve information governance for all your data

    Information governance for all data
    Take a holistic approach to managing, improving and leveraging information. Improve analytics, insight and decision making for the enterprise.

IBM provides an Information Integration and Governance approach that helps organizations overcome challenges and create a source of trusted information to drive better decisions and better business outcomes.

Featured products

InfoSphere Datastage

Integrate data on-demand across many systems via a high performance parallel framework, extended metadata management, and enterprise connectivity.

InfoSphere Master Data Management

Create trusted views of master data – customers, citizens, suppliers, locations, products, accounts & more – for improving applications & business processes.

InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition

Provide comprehensive information integration capabilities to support trusted and governed information.

InfoSphere Data Replication

Integrate information across heterogeneous data stores in real time.

InfoSphere Guardium

Provide the simplest, most robust solution for assuring the privacy and integrity of trusted information in your data center

InfoSphere Optim

Manage data from requirements to retirement. Boost performance, empower collaboration, and improve governance across applications, databases and platforms.

All products - Information integration and governance

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IBM Information Integration and Federation communities help you stay connected with your colleagues.

Information Integration and Federation communities are some of the best ways to enhance your personal and professional development, increase efficiencies in your organization, and position yourself as a thought leader in your field of interest.

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    Integrating and Governing Big Data
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    Big Data Needs Agile Information and Integration Governance
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David Turner

David Turner photo.Government Industry Leader, IBM Maximo

David Turner is the worldwide industry lead for Maximo government solutions. One of his primary responsibilities is to ensure future releases of Maximo meet the evolving requirements of our government users. His prior experience includes program management consulting, management of complex asset management system implementations and time in the U.S. Coast Guard as a naval engineer.*

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David's profile on LinkedIn

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IBM Asset Management Community - This community allows IBM employees, business partners, customers, and sellers to connect and network on asset management solutions available from IBM.

*Postings on non-IBM sites are independent of IBM and do not necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions.

Ken Donnelly

Ken Donnelly photo.Transportation Industry Leader, IBM Maximo

Ken Donnelly is the worldwide Maximo industry leader for Travel & Transportation (T&T). He is also responsible for Strategy and Product Management of the Maximo solutions for Transportation. He has led projects to implement new maintenance and inventory control systems at fleet, bus, rail and aviation organizations and also has experience in aerospace & defense and public sector.*

Ken's blog - Asset Management in Transportation

Visit Ken's blog for regular insights into the topic of Asset Management in Transportation as well as to share your opinion with Ken.*

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IBM Asset Management Community - This community allows IBM employees, business partners, customers, and sellers to connect and network on asset management solutions available from IBM.

Maximo Transportation User Group - A forum for Maximo users to explore and share expertise, discuss theory and catalog knowledge amongst their peers and observers.

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Karl Helbig

Karl Helbig photo.Market Management Lead, Smarter Buildings, IBM Maximo Asset Management

Karl Helbig is a marketing professional with more than 18 years of experience in high-tech, marketing software solutions for large enterprises in all industries. His focus has been on strategy, management and tactical execution, where he is active in marketing solutions for organizations who wish to manage and maintain their IT and facilities infrastructures for optimal asset performance. Having spent more than 14 years marketing Maximo Asset Management solutions, this experience naturally extends to his current role, which focuses on helping organizations manage their building and facility infrastructures for greater operational & energy efficiency and sustainability.*

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Karl also recommends:

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IBM Maximo Asset Management

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Rob Bloom

Rob Bloom photo.Maximo Marketing Manager

Rob Bloom is the manager of marketing for the IBM Maximo Asset Management software solution, responsible for the worldwide marketing direction for enterprise asset management across IBM. Rob came from MRO, led the integration of MRO into the IBM framework and has been the EAM track lead for IBM Pulse since 2008.*

IBM Asset Management

In this team blog Rob focuses largely on IBM Pulse activities and guidance for our readers. He uses the blog as a platform to communicate key information about the EAM track and EAM focused activities at IBM Pulse.*

Other ways to connect with Rob

Rob's profile on LinkedIn

Rob's profile on the Community

*Postings on non-IBM sites are independent of IBM and do not necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions.

Rich Caplow

Rich CaplowDirector, IBM Tivoli Maximo Asset Management

Maximize value with smarter asset management

Gain greater value from enterprise infrastructure such as industrial equipment, facilities and transportation assets. Achieve your business objectives with improved uptime, availability and reliability. See how asset instrumentation, intelligence and interconnectivity can enable automated, predictive asset management and more.

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