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IBM data warehousing software can simplify and accelerate the delivery of insights from your data. It helps you build a flexible, scalable and cost-effective data warehousing foundation to meet your current and future information needs.

IBM data warehousing software uses a number of advanced technologies. This includes IBM® DB2® with BLU Acceleration, a next generation in-memory database, which enables near real-time analysis of massive volumes of data to provide faster business insight with less complexity.

IBM data warehousing software helps you:

IBM data warehousing software uses advanced technologies to accelerate delivery of insights from massive volumes of data. IBM data warehousing software offers flexibility, a choice of platforms and deployment options to meet different operational and strategic analytics needs.

Featured data warehousing software products

IBM® DB2® with BLU Acceleration

Provides a next-generation, in-memory database with extraordinary performance that delivers fast business insight from near real-time operational and historical data. It operates without the constraints of other in-memory solutions and with the simplicity of a “load and go” setup.

IBM DB2 for z/OS®

Delivers database software that is widely considered the gold standard for reliability, availability and scalability. It is optimised for service-oriented architecture, customer relationship management and data warehousing.

IBM Informix® Warehouse

Provides an infrastructure to create data warehouse applications and to perform near real-time analytics for rapid business decisions.

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