Master data management

Gain a trusted, consistent view of your master data entities

IBM master data management solutions provide a single, trusted view of critical business entities including customers, suppliers, products and accounts. These solutions manage your master data entities centrally, eliminating reliance on incomplete or duplicate data.

IBM master data management solutions help businesses to:

  • Consolidate information across their organization.
  • Share key data elements among their affiliated entities.
  • Enable collaborative authoring of information across business areas.

Featured offers

Discover how your organization can effectively consolidate your master data entities with IBM master data management offerings. You will gain improvements to operational business processes, big data and analytics using trusted views from a complete, flexible InfoSphere® master data management solution. 

Featured products

InfoSphere Master Data Management Standard Edition

Provides accurate, near real-time views of master data across the enterprise.

InfoSphere Master Data Management Enterprise Edition

Provides trusted, accurate views of master and big data across your organization.

InfoSphere Master Data Management Advanced Edition

Supports multiple master data management styles and domains.

InfoSphere Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub

Centrally manages and distributes reference data across the enterprise.

InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaborative Edition

Includes product information management to help create a single, up-to-date repository.

InfoSphere Master Data Management Custom Domain Hub

Extends the master data management portfolio with flexible capabilities for managing custom domains.

Related products

InfoSphere Big Match for Hadoop

Helps you analyze big volumes of structured and unstructured data to derive deeper customer insight.

IBM Watson Explorer

Integrates with IBM master data management products to enable development of applications that incorporate trusted data into an enhanced 360-degree view of the customer.

InfoSphere BigInsights

Works with IBM master data management products to provide near real-time matching of master records at big data volumes in Hadoop.

IBM master data management is a key element in realizing a broad range of business and technical objectives. Use cases supported by master data management solutions include:

  • Gain a complete view of your customers

    Enhanced 360 degree view of customers
    Build and manage a single view of your customers, products and other domains by incorporating data from diverse sources and delivering complete, accurate and timely information.

  • Build confidence in big data and data warehouses

    Confidence in big data for analytics
    Take charge of complex, convoluted and conflicting data and deliver consolidated, consistent and current information to your data warehouse.

  • Improve operations by consolidating and retiring applications

    Application consolidation and retirement
    Consolidate multiple instances of enterprise applications and retire outdated applications and archive old data to reduce risk and costs. Application quality will be enhanced with improved compliance.

  • Enhance data security and privacy

    Data security and privacy
    Protect your enterprise data, improve data integrity and security and reduce compliance costs.

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