Continuous monitoring, customer feedback, and optimization

Continuous monitoring and feedback to rapidly optimize user experiences

Continuous monitoring solutions automate and optimize the ability to monitor infrastructure and manage the performance and availability of applications continuously in traditional IT, cloud or hybrid environments. The monitoring solutions help enterprise businesses manage complex and interdependent applications, providing faster diagnosis of problems with reduction in both outage costs and risk to the business. Customer feedback and optimization solutions help organizations achieve higher service levels by providing visibility to the end user experience, transaction path analyses, diagnostic capabilities and predictive analytics.

Application monitoring and feedback solutions enable you to:

Featured products and services

  • IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management

    IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management

    Manages and optimizes application and infrastructure performance.

  • IBM Tealeaf

    IBM Tealeaf

    Get both the quantitative data as well as the qualitative experience information to understand true experiences with a customer behavior analysis.

  • IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance

    IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance

    Enables organizations to validate mobile applications with testers and beta users and analyze user feedback from idea through production. Streamline quality feedback and metrics from both pre-production and production. Prioritize mobile app quality and performance issues taking action to support a dynamic mobile app strategy.

  • IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

    IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

    Optimizes and automates service management to help reduce costs and service disruptions.

  • IBM Digital Analytics

    IBM Digital Analytics

    Gain insight from digital analytics and comparative benchmarks.

  • DevOps Innovation Services:  Continuous monitoring

    DevOps Innovation Services: Continuous monitoring

    Continuous monitoring automates and optimizes the monitoring of infrastructure by providing visibility to application resources, end user experience tracking, transaction path analysis, diagnostic capabilities, and predictive analytics. It enables faster diagnosis of problems, reducing the cost of outages and risk to the business.

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