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Collaborative development for agile delivery of high quality solutions

Collaborative development brings business, development, and quality assurance teams together so they can continuously adjust the project’s business goals based on customer feedback. They stay closely aligned throughout the project lifecycle to gain faster delivery of customer value.

To reap the full benefit of collaborative development, these interdependent teams need a scalable, integrated and open development platform that supports an agile approach, such as Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe). This open platform needs to unify all diverse teams, including developers committed to keeping their current tools. Those who need to create and deploy quality web and mobile applications can leverage IBM® Bluemix™, the integrated cloud platform which helps to save project time and costs with instant services, runtime and infrastructure.

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  • IBM Rational Team Concert – All the tools you need to build quality software – integrated right out of the box – including task tracking, source control, Git integration, agile and waterfall.
  • IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation – A better way to define, collaborate and gain visibility to the real-time changes and the original requirements, without relying on cumbersome and dated documents and spreadsheets.
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager – A collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting.
  • IBM DevOps services for Bluemix – Empowers teams to collaborate for rapid development and deployment of mobile and web apps in the cloud, using integrated agile planning, building, coding, and deploying - with just a push of a button to the IBM Bluemix cloud platform.
  • IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance – Enables rapid, beyond-the-lab testing of mobile apps and user feedback analysis throughout the lifecycle to improve mobile app quality. Trial version available on Bluemix.
  • IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z – Provides an environment for mainframe application development and testing where the operating systems, middleware, and software can run on Intel and Intel-compatible platforms without the need for System z mainframe hardware.
  • IBM development tools and compilers for System z, IBM i, AIX, Linux and Windows environments – Maximizes development speed, agility and initial code quality for delivering solutions that are optimized for their target platforms.
  • IBM DevOps Innovation Services: Collaborative Development – Is a customer-configurable and transparent application development service providing access to tooling, API services, processes and domain experts (design, programming, industry) for delivering accelerated, high quality solutions using an outcome-based approach.

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Transforming How We Deliver Value: Agility at Scale

Amy Silberbauer, Executive IT Specialist, Solution Specialist, IBM, shares her development team's experience in adopting Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe), a proven, codified, and publicly-facing knowledge base that is used to successfully scale Lean-Agile development in the larger software enterprise.

How to shorten your software delivery cycle: find and reduce the waste!

See how the IBM DevOps solution for collaborative lifecycle management can help you reduce waste, shorten the idea-to-deployment cycle - all while delivering products and services that bring value to your customers.

SAFe with the Power of IBM DevOps

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the market-leading process framework for scaling lean and agile across the enterprise, providing guidance and best practices to help organizations realize success.

Rational Team Concert Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Support Configuration Guidelines

Step-by-step guidance to support configuring a Rational Team Concert process to suppport the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe).

Info-Tech ALM Vendor Landscape 2015

IBM is the Champion! IBM continues to come out strong with the largest product offering geared at the ALM market. ALM that emphasizes DevOps, continuous engineering, with SaaS delivery.

DevOps services for Bluemix Tutorials

Build, deploy and optimize mobile and cloud apps quickly. A rapid development environment with integrated services for DevOps in the cloud so your team can get started in minutes! Free trials and tutorials with Node.js, Git, Java, Eclipse, etc. Free trials available!

Collaborative Lifecycle Management as a Managed Service Webcast Replay

– Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager or Doors Next Generation. Reduce costs with pay-per-user managed services on IBM Softlayer and on-going expertise to ensure your environment is taken care of so that you can focus on your business.

Agile for Dummies

Confused by all the agile advice? Relax! With Agile For Dummies by your side you’ll learn the fundamentals of agile and how to increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs much faster.

Podcast: Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world

Collaborative development enables teams to work together across tools to deliver quality software faster.

White paper: Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world

This paper covers five steps that can help you address today’s development challenges and deliver software that yields better business results with a DevOps approach.

Webcast: Five vital steps for succesful softwrae delivery in a chaotic world

In this complex environment, what practices should you have in place to meet the business need with your application development delivery? Watch this on-demand TechBytes webcast and learn more about five vital steps that can help you yield better business results

Webcast: Leaner software development using DevOps

Reduce cycle times and eliminate waste with Rational software. Inspired by lean software development principles, this TechBytes session focuses on various ways to help you notice and remove waste in your process and your time, all while improving time to feedback.

Seven ways to reduce waste and accelerate software delivery

This paper will explore best practices for identifying and eliminating seven types of waste: Waiting, handoffs and task switching, motion, extra processes, extra features, partially completed work and defects.

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Rational Team Concert Trial

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Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

SAFe with the Power of IBM DevOps

Market-leading Scaled Agile Framework for process plus supporting IBM DevOps tooling lets you scale lean and agile across the enterprise end-to-end.

White paper

Seven ways to reduce waste and accelerate software delivery - discover and remove waste in your process and your time.

Analyst paper

Forrester Consulting Study: The Total Economic Impact of The IBM Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM). -- Successful IBM clients were interviewed and their results analyzed.

Forrester Consulting

Return on Investment calculator for the IBM Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) based on the Total Economic Impact Study.

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