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Product and systems development creates large amounts of engineering data. Efficient access to that data is essential for measuring project progress, demonstrating compliance with standards and evaluating the impact of project change.

IBM® Rational® reporting and analytics solutions use an automated approach for gathering metrics, documentation generation and the visualization of traceability between engineering artifacts. Automation speeds the process while eliminating the errors often associated with manual information gathering and analysis. Since data can be drawn from multiple sources throughout the lifecycle, these solutions help to ensure you are getting a comprehensive and real-time view of the entire project at any given time. The insight they provide can help you drive project success through better decision making.

Featured solutions

Featured reporting and analytics products

  • Rational Insight

    Rational Insight

    Measure, monitor, analyze, and trend project and process performance to make the best decisions for your business.

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Video: What is continuous engineering? (Youtube, 00:01:53)

Video: What is continuous engineering? (00:01:53)

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