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IBM Rational® product portfolio management solutions improve the predictability of product success with better decision-making by keeping focus on delivery of customer value. Rational product portfolio management solutions provide visualization of trade-offs using multiple criteria, including the voice of the customer to balance cost, risk, and reward. By making informed decisions based on customer and business value, the predictability of product success is greatly improved. IBM Rational product portfolio management solution is a platform for organizations to communicate and collaborate and allow the product and portfolio lifecycle to be managed and governed with the correct degree of visibility for each individual and role. It is a proven solution that helps organizations understand markets, customers and challenges so the right products for the right markets at the right time – can be developed.

Real Results:

Laminar Medica - Cuts product development time and costs by 25 percent ... IBM Rational Focal Point software centralizes product data and competitive intelligence.

ALPS Electric - Improve development process accelerating product lifecycle.


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This comprehensive solution helps you prioritize and select the right investments, balance change with business demands and align resources to deliver the right products at the right time. Now your executives and teams can make decisions that deliver greater value to your customers and your business. Evaluate now.

Featured product portfolio management products

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    Rational Focal Point

    Objectively evaluate investment scenarios to align product, project, and application portfolio decisions with the overall business value

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    Rational Insight

    Measure, monitor, analyze and trend project and process performance to make the best decisions for your business and for continual process improvements

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See how Rational Focal Point connects product management, engineering, and customers using role based views. This demo walks through a few scenarios using Rational Focal Point, the IBM solution for product portfolio management.

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Bridging the gap between business and engineering in product development.

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Four steps to creating product value.

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High performance product management with market driven product development.

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Discover how IBM can support your IT portfolio management projects.

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DevOps and the cloud: Achieving agility across the software delivery lifecycle

Join this webcast to learn how Collaborative DevOps solutions from IBM can help turn your delivery pipeline into an agile, automated workflow.

Competitive intelligence – a strategic business driver?

Join us as we discuss how smart software can help organizations gain new perspectives on their business, the competition, and the marketplace in order to leverage competitive advantage, provide strategic insight and drive profitable growth.

Dealing with increasing challenges of software development outsourcing/off-shoring

Near-shoring, off-shoring or outsourcing software development workload is becoming common practice. Join us to discuss innovative approaches to gain the advantage while mitigating the risks.

Delivery management: Connecting delivery with business strategy

In this webcast, Andrew Wallace, IBM Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Market Manager and Marty Levesque, Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) Market Manager share how Rational's ALM and PPM solutions can help organizations manage software and systems delivery.


Agile approaches for complex product development

Bola Rotibi Jonathon ChardCompanies are increasingly looking to agile methods to cut risk, improve quality and increase flexibility in complex product development. But what approaches really work and what benefits can adopters expect to obtain? In this podcast, analyst Bola Rotibi of analysts Creative Intellect Consulting discusses the applicability of Agile approaches to embedded software and complex systems development, drawing upon the results of an in-depth cross-industry study conducted at the end of 2012. Speakers, Bola Rotibi and Jonathon Chard.

Generate business value with portfolio strategy and management

Jon TollerupReduce waste and increase business value by helping customers make more informed investment and delivery choices. By providing the ability to rigorously assess the value of new investments, deployed applications and delivery projects, customers can ensure that they obtain the greatest return from their organization's resources. Listen to how IBM's business partner Decision Focus have helped organizations overcome some of their biggest challenges and how this has lead to that organizations could reach true business value. Jon Tollerup, speaker.

3 ways to simplify your IT with application portfolio management

As software plays an increasingly critical role in the business performance of corporations, IT faces considerable pressure to support new business initiatives while cutting costs. Over the last 30 years, billions of dollars have been invested in software applications, but typically these investments are poorly leveraged. Too often, a complex and poorly understood application portfolio consumes a large percentage of IT funds, leaving IT leaders challenged to find the funds needed for business innovation.

Bridging the gap between business and engineering in product development

Aravind MadhavanOne of the biggest challenges that companies in the business of product development face is the gap that exists between business and engineering departments. Bridging this gap between these two cultures is very important. How can you improve the collaboration between these two cultures which often have diverse and distributed teams? Listen to this podcast to find out how IBM can help you build the linkage between business strategy and technical execution in your quest to build successful products. Aravind Madhavan, speaker.


Leveraging IBM Rational's application security and portfolio management solutions for COLT Telecom

Everyday, more and more business is conducted online, creating new challenges for meeting web security and compliance. Due to the dynamic nature and prevalence of these applications, criminals are increasingly targeting web based applications. In this video, learn how COLT Telecom is defining and developing more secure solutions for their managed services clients by leveraging IBM Rational's application security and portfolio management offerings including Rational AppScan and Rational Focal Point.

Making the right investments for your business

Knowledge is power – how well do know your business? How do you determine which offerings and services best meet your customer's needs? Which are bringing the best business value? Learn how you can use IBM Rational's portfolio management solutions to make the right investments for your business.

White papers

Real-time agility: Core principles and practices for embedded-software teams

Introduces practical core principles and practices and shows how they improve project results for embedded-systems development.

Four steps to creating product value

The smartest products delivered in the most efficient ways can drive value for your business. Value for your investors. Value for management. And, perhaps most important, the right product delivered at the right time can create value for your customers.

Case studies

Laminar Medica cuts product development time and costs by 25 percent.

The company used IBM Rational Focal Point software to create a companywide resource for competitive intelligence that supports market-driven product development and more-informed portfolio decisions. Laminar Medica reduced new product development time and associated costs by more than 25 percent. The company anticipates that it will achieve a complete ROI in less than 12 months.

ALPS Electric Co., Ltd.

Leveraging the capabilities of IBM Rational software, ALPS Electric created a core solution, Model-Based and Test-Driven Development (MBTDD). MBTDD is a new development method that allows developers to focus more on high-value-added work such as development of models and test scenarios. In the new method, developers take end-to-end responsibility for their deliverables, allowing the company to drastically improve product quality and immediate development cost savings.

CloudOne Corporation brings IBM Rational software to the clouds

The organization's customers are now able to access Rational software under a monthly license, operating the applications from a virtualized cloud environment to support flexible development. Customers now pay licensing costs only when they use the software, reducing the ROI threshold and extending access toa broader range of management tools to drive increased development efficiency.

ROI calculator

Discover the business benefits of Rational Focal Point

Portfolio-based management of projects has become a corporate necessity as organizations are increasingly subjected to a variety of pressures and constraints. IBM Portfolio Management solutions, powered by IBM® Rational® Focal Point™, are designed to help organizations to analyze and optimize their portfolios to secure maximum business value.

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