Predict performance to find the right person for the right job

Choosing the right person for the right job is crucial to the success of your organization. IBM® offers an expansive portfolio of ready-to-use assessments tailored to meet your specific needs. These assessments are based on behavioral science insight to measure the capacity, capability and culture fit of each individual.

The leadership assessments help you to define, measure and develop leaders who will engage your workforce and influence performance. You will be able to uncover top leaders, discover great future leaders and recognize those who are not suited for leadership positions.

IBM offers the following assessment types:

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Predicting productivity and performance

Predicting productivity and performance

Knowing which candidates and employees can drive value for your organization is a true competitive differentiator.

Changing how you think about your workforce

Changing how you think about your workforce

Learn how identifying organizational culture can drive business performance.

Hiring the right talent

Hiring the right talent

Realize the positive impact that assessments can have on business metrics.

IBM® Kenexa® products provide ready-to-use, tailored assessments to meet the specific needs of your organization. They can help you to select the right candidate or employee for each role.

These products include:

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Getting the right talent

  • Getting the right talent

    Learn the best strategies for recruiting, hiring and onboarding the best talent.

Inventing a smarter workforce

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