What is IBM Cloud Video Catalog and Subscriber Manager?

IBM Cloud Video Catalog and Subscriber Manager provides robust functionality around catalog management, with the ability to create programming packages, curate content categories and adjust metadata and availability windows while quickly propagating changes that affect users.

Benefits of Catalog and Subscriber Manager

  • Elevate your multiscreen experience: Manage over-the-top/TV Everywhere (OTT/TVE). Simplify and automate asset presentation from ingest-to-publish or use editorial tools to curate featured content. Drive user engagement through a feature-rich presentation API to power content discovery and a cross-platform feature set.
  • Enable playback across multiple devices: Secure premium assets with studio-grade digital rights management (DRM). Optimize playback quality and rapidly load video regardless of bandwidth and device. Reach users where they are – stream video to all major consumer video platforms with optimized encoding profiles.
  • Manage subscribers and monetization models with ease: Monetize premium content with our built-in connections to major international billing providers, including in-app and service provider billing. Manage and securely authorize users whether video services are free-to-play, ad-supported, or subscription-based. Drive awareness and engagement campaigns with free trials, coupons and promotional access for paid streaming. Subscriber dashboards provide customer care tools and real-time streaming activity for every subscriber.


  • Video publishing
  • License and rights enforcement
  • Multi-platform UX API
  • Multi-language
  • International billing plug-ins
  • Multi-DRM
  • Identity management
  • Live and video on demand (VOD) streaming
  • Origin and content delivery network (CDN) integrations
  • Ad-based video on demand (AVOD) and subscription-based video on demand (SVOD)

The case for IBM Cloud Video

We knew we needed a video platform to support our strategy of building an audience in an aggressively competitive environment. We partnered with IBM Cloud Video because they know what it means for a broadcaster to be digital.

− Lauris Apse, Director of Digital Products, CBC

Almost two-thirds (63%) of consumers use SVOD services today. Of these, over half (52%) use them as much as, or more than, their pay television service.

− April 2016 SVOD Survey, Clearleap

72% of millennials say they watch SVOD services as much as or more than pay TV.

− April 2016 SVOD Survey, Clearleap

Case study

Find out how catalog and subscriber manager helped CBC.

White paper

Learn how advanced data and analytics can alleviate video streaming pain points.


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