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WebSphere Cast Iron Live

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IBM® WebSphere® Cast Iron® Live is a multi-tenant, cloud-based platform for integrating cloud and on-premises applications and enterprise systems in a hybrid environment. It enables you to configure, run and manage integration in the cloud without any infrastructure footprint.

WebSphere Cast Iron Live is available in:

Standard Edition—Rapidly connects your cloud applications without writing a single line of code. The Standard Edition uses a suite of connectors and hundreds Template Integration Projects (TIP) to integrate applications.

Enterprise Edition—Connects applications in a complex hybrid environment. It integrates enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), human resource information system (HRISW) and other applications in public or private cloud environments and with on-premises applications. The Enterprise Edition provides a connector development kit that enables you to build custom connectors. It also offers a template development kit that helps you convert integration projects into templates that accelerate integration.

WebSphere Cast Iron Live:

Product editions:

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WebSphere Cast Iron Live V7.5 delivers rapid cloud integration

IBM® WebSphere® Cast Iron® V7.5 delivers enhancements to the platform and to template integration projects (TIP) and connectors.

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