Healthcare and social program care management that delivers better outcomes

Addressing social determinants and
their impact on healthcare

IBM® Cúram Solution for Care Management is commercial off-the-shelf software for health and social care coordination to improve the quality of care, including elder care, and to reduce its spiraling costs. This solution enables care professionals to focus on treating individuals in the most vulnerable and needy populations such as the elderly, people with physical, mental and developmental disabilities, at-risk youth and the homeless.

With Cúram Solution for Care Management, care providers can design personalized care plans and management coordinate care delivery across multidisciplinary care teams and engage the individual directly to achieve sustainable improved outcomes.

Cúram Solution for Care Management features include:

Holistic assessments

Care plan design with differential response

Collaboration across multidisciplinary teams

Individual engagement

Commercial off-the-shelf and configurable design

Product editions :

Cúram Business Intelligence and Analytics: A decision support solution that helps social program organizations analyze the effectiveness of their programs and gain insight into the efficiency of their operations.
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Cúram Evidence Broker: Offers a flexible approach for evidence sharing across social programs.
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Cúram Life Event Management: Enables caseworkers and citizens to update citizen profiles when certain life events occur.
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Cúram Outcome Management: Provides a framework and automated tools to create and manage outcome plans for citizens and their families.
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Cúram Provider Management: Social program management software that helps organizations to manage providers holistically, resulting in improved service delivery, enhanced efficiency and sustainable outcomes for the citizens they serve.
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Cúram Social Enterprise Collaboration: A common platform and set of tools for multidisciplinary collaboration in social program organizations.
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Cúram Social Program Management Platform: Provides full lifecycle support for managing social programs from needs to outcomes.
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Cúram Universal Access: Enables governments to provide citizens with a single point of access to all social programs and services for which they are eligible.
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