Provides assistance in managing and monitoring the capacity of IT infrastructure resources

IBM Tivoli® Capacity Process Manager, a new software offering, extends IBM Service Management (ISM) offerings. It adds the capability to manage a multitude of aspects of the capacity management discipline across an enterprise by providing an ISM process manager that enables the formal capture, data gathering, analysis, modeling, and approval of all capacity management activities. Based on the core concept of a capacity management request (CMR), Capacity Process Manager helps users to ensure that all aspects of capacity management are brought under management control, which can result in fewer capacity-related business service outages and better overall resource utilization.

Businesses today need to manage capacity carefully to balance the need to improve hardware utilization while avoiding potential performance bottlenecks. Although most IT organizations today have capacity management tools, expertise, and organizations in place, the problem is that these organizations, experts, and tools are disconnected from the day-to-day updating of IT infrastructure and are, therefore, less effective than they could be. Ideally, no infrastructure change would be made without going through a capacity planning step.

Tivoli Capacity Process Manager helps solve this problem. By supporting a process model for handling capacity management, Tivoli Capacity Process Manager enables IT organizations to implement, enforce, and track capacity management activities and ensure that they are completed before potentially wasteful or insufficient upgrades or changes are made. Three critical process steps are supported: the capture of work requests that might lead to an infrastructure upgrade, the support of data capture of both business requirements and IT metrics based on policy and best practices, and the integration of multiple tools into one management process flow to enable the effective handling of all capacity management requests. Capacity Process Manager also integrates into other ISM processes, notably change and release management.

With a capacity management process under active control, IT organizations can reap the benefits of applying capacity management planning in all circumstances. This results in better resource utilization across the enterprise and, therefore, reduced costs, and the reduction of the incidence of capacity-related performance problems and their associated business impact.

Tivoli Capacity Process Manager

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