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Business need: Engage customers, citizens and employees as individuals

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Tealeaf Customer Behavior Analysis ― Overview

  • Tealeaf cxImpact

    Ensures that every customer site interaction is visually replayable and completely searchable.

  • Tealeaf cxOverstat

    Allows understanding of user intent through visual analytic overlays

  • Tealeaf cxView

    Aggregates customer experience dataset into executive-level dashboards, scorecards and reports for analysis.

Tealeaf Customer Experience Integrations ― Overview

Tealeaf Customer Service Optimization ― Overview

  • Tealeaf cxReveal

    Provides instant, replayable access to customer sessions to resolve online issues.

  • Tealeaf cxVerify

    cxVerify provides a comprehensive record of customer interactions

Tealeaf CX

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    A comprehensive datastore of all online customer information

Tealeaf CX Mobile

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    Allows the capture, storage and indexing of the mobile user experience

Tealeaf cxLifecycle

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    Combines quantitative, qualitative and behavioral data to influence buying cycles.

1-6 of 6 results Results per page: 20 | 50 | 100

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