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InfoSphere Business Glossary for Linux on System z

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    Creation, management and exploration of business vocabulary, definitions and relationships

InfoSphere Change Data Capture

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    Real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) and replication solution across heterogeneous environments

InfoSphere Change Data Capture for z/OS

InfoSphere Classic Data Event Publisher for z/OS

  • Learn about

    Provides change-data-capture of System Z data for extract-transform-load and business integration

InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS

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    Provides SQL access to System Z data sources

InfoSphere Classic Replication Server for z/OS

  • Learn about

    Replicates System z data to other databases to address data integration requirements

InfoSphere Clinical Analytics

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    Delivers an integrated clinical analytics platform including systems, software and processes

InfoSphere DataStage

  • DataStage

    High performance data extraction, transformation, and loading between multiple sources and targets

  • MVS Edition

    Provides native data integration capabilities for the mainframe

InfoSphere FastTrack

  • Learn about

    Accelerates and automates collaborative development across user roles, tools and geographies

InfoSphere Federation Server

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    Accesses and integrates information across sources as if from a single source

InfoSphere IMS Replication for z/OS

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    Provides the foundation for continuous availability of IMS data

InfoSphere Information Analyzer

InfoSphere Information Server

  • Learn about

    Understand, cleanse, transform and deliver Trusted Information across your enterprise

InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition

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    InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition

InfoSphere Information Server for Data Quality

  • Learn about

    InfoSphere Information Server 8.7 for Data Quality

InfoSphere Information Server for System z

  • Learn about

    Profiles, cleanses, and transforms information from mainframe & distributed data sources

InfoSphere Information Server Workgroup Edition

  • Learn about

    Provides essential, market-leading data integration capabilities to meet smaller project requirements

InfoSphere Information Services Director

  • Learn about

    Enables information access and integration processes to be published as reusable services

InfoSphere Master Data Management Custom Domain Hub

  • Learn about

    Provides companies highly flexible and adaptable capabilities around managing custom data domains

InfoSphere Metadata Workbench

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    Provides cross-tool metadata management and administration for IBM InfoSphere Information Server assets

InfoSphere Optim Application Repository Analyzer

  • Learn about

    Analyzes the data relationships, including customizations, within leading packaged applications.

InfoSphere QualityStage

  • QualityStage

    A data quality solution to standardize customer, location, and product facts

  • for z/OS

    Enables organizations to create an accurate view of master data entities

1-22 of 22 results Results per page: 20 | 50 | 100

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