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IBM® Rational® Business Developer is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that simplifies the development of Web 2.0, mobile, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and traditional applications using the Enterprise Generation Language (EGL). Developers can deliver Web 2.0 and mobile applications and services without having to master Java and SOA programming, and create, test and debug EGL applications while generating Java, JavaScript or COBOL code for deployment.

RPG and COBOL developers can easily transition to EGL, as it allows them to create portable applications with modern architectures and user interfaces, without having to learn concepts of object-oriented languages.

Rational Business Developer simplifies development, providing developers with a single language for:

EGL transformation

Simple service creation

Multiplatform deployment

UML support

Extensible platform

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System Requirements

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What’s New

Rational Business Developer V9.5 is available

Rational Business Developer 9.5 is available.  This release contains many customer requested enhancements across the various technologies within the product. It also includes fixes from previous releases. Current users of RBD are encouraged to upgrade to the 9.5 level.  For more information on each enhancement, visit the EGL Blog.

The enhancements in Rational Business Developer 9.5 include the following:

DevOps Oriented

Rich UI and EGL Mobile enhancements


Rich UI

DojoUploader widget is a new widget in Rational Business Developer V9.5. Use this widget to upload files from client side to the server.

maxHeight is a new property for the DojoFilteringSelect widget to specify the max height of its dropdown view.

Xulrunner for Windows 64bit supports the visual editor render engine.

Service Enhancements

Debug Improvements

The EGL Debugger has been updated to allow debugging of EGL services, Web Transactions, and UI programs when using the Liberty Profile. Some manual setup is required in this release, but once configured, full debug support is provided.

Language Additions

isRemoved is a new annotation which can be used to logically remove any EGL parts or types such as libraries, services, external types, records or variables so that usage of these will display as an error in the IDE.

New generation time options

The minSubstringLength build descriptor option specifies the smallest length allowed for a sub-string move before an IndexOutOfBoundsException is eliminated. This will allow 0 to be used in a substring source field.

ADDITIONALUSERFILES is a new generation symbolic parameter which will identify additional files to be added to the build plan dependency list. This allows additional user files to be processed and uploaded to a host machine during generation of COBOL.

Use CICS Channels with CICS J2C connections. In the linkage options, users can set parmForm to CHANNEL and remoteComType to CICSJ2C.

The property specifies whether to also write the Record Length field for variable-length sequential records written using generated Java™.

IDE Improvements/New Preferences

New EGL Preferences

Controls whether all files (excluding the properties files) and any resulting empty directories are deleted from the EGLGen/JavaSource directory during a project clean.

Controls whether EGLARs are searched to obtain function and variable descriptions from an EGLAR within the EGL editor when content assist is used.

Controls whether extensive hover details are required when using the mouse-over function during an editor session for EGL source when content assist is used.

IDE Improvements

Deferred Compile/Work

Features no longer available

Features no longer available with Rational Business Developer:

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