What is IBM B2B Collaboration Network?

IBM® B2B Collaboration Network provides flexible solutions to reduce the time and complexity of securely integrating with your local and global business partners. Use our expert services to on-board faster, automate electronic document interchange and manage your B2B operations—all through a connection to more than 300,000 trading partners worldwide. It can help you solve critical business-to-business challenges like managed file transfer, language translations and connecting people, systems and technology with a secure and scalable cloud solution.

Benefits of IBM B2B Collaboration Network

  • Improved business agility through security-rich and flexible integration using any of our 300,000 pre-integrated value partners, or easily integrate your own. IBM gives clients the flexibility to manage their networks of business partners through public or private cloud computing environments.
  • Better operational efficiency to save you staff, time and money. Need an order translated for a foreign supplier? Done. Need a facilitator to get your shipment through customs? We have the partners for it and the resources that can be used to grow your business in other key areas.
  • Increased business performance through visibility into actionable information across key business and IT processes. Maintain access to key business processes through the entire cross-channel solution lifecycle—from marketing and selling to order management and fulfillment.
  • Empowered data movement to assure file delivery with visibility, control and governance for virtually all data movement, including third-party FTP servers.

Defining characteristics of modern B2B collaboration

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