Externalize services for new interactions with a Web API management solution

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IBM® API Management solution provides a complete set of web API capabilities to help you extend services from the back office to new front office engagements. It offers flexible deployment options, including capabilities for creating, proxying, assembling, securing and scaling web APIs. IBM API Management provides detailed analytics and operational metrics to the business owner, as well as a customized developer portal for socializing the APIs and managing applications that can be used by developers.

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IBM API Management: A unified solution, with an intuitive user experience, for managing the complete API lifecycle from creation, publish, and adoption, to support and monitoring -- enabling companies to realize the maximum value from their APIs.
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IBM API Management Service: Allows enterprises to rapidly design, secure, socialize, and manage APIs on cloud without the worries of installation & administration overheads , thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and time to market.
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