Create, socialize, secure and manage APIs on premise

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IBM® API Management enables you to create, assemble, manage, secure and socialize web application programming interfaces (API).

It provides a developer portal to attract and engage application developers and foster use of published APIs. An administration portal allows you to establish policies for critical API attributes such as self-registration, quotas, key management and security policies. An analytics engine provides role-based insight for API owners, solution administrators and application developers in order to manage your APIs and ensure your service levels are being achieved.

API Management offers a wide array of API and service management features including:

Easily customize APIs

Secure and scale

Manage and monitor

Empower developers

Simplify application development

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Create, socialize, secure and manage APIs on premise

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IBM API Management V4.0 delivers the following sets of new capabilities:

For Application Developers

For API Providers

For IT Managers and IT Operations


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