Digital marketing cloud solution that combines personalization, analytics and execution

IBM® Marketing Center is a cloud-based, digital personalization and marketing execution engine that enables marketers to personalize, execute and analyze digital marketing communications and campaigns. It combines split testing, digital campaign management and execution, marketing tracking and analytics, web and mobile site personalization, email marketing, and list targeting in one ready-to-use offering. IBM Marketing Center enables marketers to go from insight to action in just a few clicks.

IBM Marketing Center enables marketers to:

  • Personalize: Segment, target and build personalized communications and content based on behavioral and offline data across digital channels -- including email, mobile and websites -- without burdening IT.
  • Execute: Target, test, execute and manage digital marketing across web, email and mobile with an intuitive, step-by-step campaign management process.
  • Analyze: Understand and measure digital campaign and channel effectiveness and influence re-marketing activities.
  • Extend: Use a modular solution to start your personalization efforts today with powerful marketing and analytics capabilities and grow your marketing capabilities as your needs expand.


  • Create custom segments that use both digital behavior (historical and in-session) and offline data. Define segments with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor.
  • Provide digital profiles and track and store a customer’s full digital interaction history.
  • Import customer, marketing and offline business data to augment the digital profile.
  • Fine tune personalization methods with rules-based, geographic and behavior-based targeting.
  • Use an intuitive website and email personalization editor to build targeted communications.


  • Increase digital marketing speed with ready-to-use campaign management and execution tools that help to build and deploy campaigns with greater ease.
  • Holistically manage marketing communications across your site, as well as through email and mobile.
  • Manage digital assets within the application and deliver high-performance execution through a built-in Content Delivery Network.
  • Optimize results with A/B/n testing.
  • Use fine-grained controls to manage campaign scheduling, prioritization and contact fatigue.


  • Help reduce effort, eliminate human error and measure campaign performance and communications with built-in marketing tracking and analytics.
  • Optimize and strengthen relevancy of your campaigns, segments and communications with detailed marketing reports.


  • Help reduce IT cost, complexity and delays to integrate digital analytics, email and site personalization with more speed and ease.
  • Use analysis, targeting, personalization and execution through one intuitive cloud application.
  • Broaden channel reach by creating and exporting target lists for integration with other channels or programs.
  • Complement existing web analytics solutions, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics® Web Analytics) and other tools. No retagging needed for IBM Digital Analytics customers.
  • Work with a more expansive IBM cross-channel marketing optimization solution by adding additional product modules from the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management suite.

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Drag and drop digital behavioral and offline data to build targeted audiences

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Design personalized communications and offers across digital channels with a WYSIWYG editor

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Use an intuitive, step-by-step campaign management process

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Build and deploy campaigns

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Track and manage campaigns

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Analyze performance and optimize campaigns with ready-to-use reports and dashboards

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