Safeguard mobile, cloud and social media interactions across the enterprise

Manage access for continuous compliance
and reduced risk

Access Management products protect your IT resources by providing secure access for authenticated users from both inside and outside of your enterprise. With convenient single sign-on and context-based access control, it helps you enforce proactive access policies to prevent threats and fraud across cloud, social and mobile collaboration channels.

Product editions:

IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On: Automates user access to applications, strengthens compliance and simplifies password management.
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IBM Security Access Manager for DataPower: An integrated software module for IBM DataPower Gateways providing access management capabilities for securing web, mobile and cloud workloads. It enables a converged security gateway for the multi-channel enterprise.

Tivoli Federated Identity Manager: Provides federated single sign-on (SSO) for security-rich information sharing for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.
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Tivoli Security Policy Manager: Externalizes security policies from applications, enabling you to centralize and simplify application entitlement and fine-grained data access control.
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IBM Security Access Manager: An integrated access appliance that provides web access security protection in a modular package. It defends applications and data against targeted web attacks and vulnerabilities.

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