Model performance and plan capacity for your IBM System z and S/390 systems

Tivoli® Performance Modeler for z/OS® is a systems management tool for performance modeling and capacity planning.

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Tivoli Performance Modeler for z/OS

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Powerful Modeling Capabilities Quickly builds a base model and allows multiple new variations to be built based on hardware and software changes Allows the user to run many "what if" models quickly to expedite decision making on different scenarios
Simulation Modeling vs. Analytic Modeling Creates a simulation model which can easily be modified to reflect changes in the operating system when they occur Allows real time changes to be modeled
Fast Results Because it uses a PC, the Performance Modeler is a very efficient modeling tool Allows you to quickly see the model and opportunities for improved performance
Tracking and reporting function Charts showing resource usage, including historical charts for trend analysis, can be viewed via either Lotus 1-2-3 or Microsoft Excel Integration of these spreadsheet tools creates charts showing utilization, by LPAR, and by workload, eliminating the need for other capacity planning tools
Graphing Workload Performance While the simulator is running, you can view a real-time graph of workload performance for up to four workloads at a time Enables simultaneous workload comparison for easy resource planning
Easy-to-Use Building Features Complete user interface, ease of use features, and ability to simply and quickly build a base model Allows anyone to model the performance of individual workloads


Business benefits

Managers and systems analysts need a tool with the ability to predict what happens to resource usage and workload performance as their environment changes. They also require a tool that will help manage their day-to-day performance as well as their long-term capacity planning requirements.

The IBM Tivoli® Performance Modeler for z/OS is a systems management tool for performance modeling and capacity planning which runs under Microsoft Windows on a PC.

The Performance Modeler can model the performance characteristics for an individual workload or many workloads on your z/OS or OS/390® mainframe computer. Systems programmers or operations professionals can use the performance modeling -- or capacity planning -- tools to simulate the actual performance behavior of the mainframe computer. They can predict the output of these complex mainframe systems and also the impact of changing hardware or software. With this data, you can proactively manage your z/OS and OS/390 systems.

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