IBM® Tivoli® Storage Optimizer for z/OS provides a single focal point for the monitoring and managing of z/OS storage devices

It tracks capacity and usage changes over time enabling you to stay ahead of storage demand.

Java-based, three tier architecture Moves storage management, reporting and exception notification off the host to minimize resource consumption and greatly simplifies storage administration regardless of user experience Intuitive user interface provides significant power and ease of use: view storage resources graphically or in table form; sort ascending or descending on any column; rearrange columns to your liking; select rows and right-click to carry out storage administration actions; point and click to specify site-specific thresholds and actions
Event detection and notification Automatic, unattended monitoring of z/OS storage resources with a wide array of notification options Customize and automate responses to storage-related events based on site policies; post alerts via WTO, email, SNMP, SEND to TSO users, issue console commands, submit corrective actions via batch jobs or any combination of the above
Actionable reports with drill-down capabilities Provides the storage administrator with the ability to launch storage-related responses in the context of the item they currently have selected Drill-down from storage groups to logical volumes to data sets or right click on an exception and be taken directly to the details associated with the event
Automate corrective actions Simply point and click to specify site-specific thresholds and responses and ITSO will automatically carry out corrective actions or define custom launch actions which can be performed as right-click options by storage administrators or operators Implement site policy at machine speed instead of people speed
Single, integrated view Enables users to centralize and simplify storage administration tasks to improve efficiency Provides productivity improvements and saves you money by simplifying the administration, management and analysis of your storage resources
Exception alerts Enables users to get automatic alerts when deviations are detected from user configured thresholds and norms Prevents critical system events from being missed and removes the fatigue and distraction associated with constant manual operator monitoring
Optional ISPF interface for issuing commands Enables users to have extremely rapid and precise responsesquickly and easily generate storage administration procedures without the need to understand low-level command syntax or even JCL Provides simplified administration of your storage management tasks


Business benefits

If you thought "autonomic computing" were merely buzzwords and realizing the promise of benefits was somewhere off in the distant future, think again and consider IBM Tivoli Storage Optimizer for z/OS. With this product, IBM immediately accelerates the autonomic evolution to a new level of automatic self-healing and self-optimizing storage management software for enterprises running on the z/OS platform.

Enterprise data storage is emerging as today's mission-critical challenge. Storage management across a globally connected e-business requires a comprehensive view of system status and the capacity for immediate response. As the number and types of storage devices increase -- along with their individual utilities and disconnected interfaces --administrators need new tools. Constant manual oversight and intervention is not a realistic strategy when skills and human resources are in limited supply.

IBM Tivoli Storage Optimizer for z/OS provides a single focal point for the discovery, monitoring and managing of z/OS storage devices across the enterprise. IBM Tivoli Storage Optimizer for z/OS tracks capacity and usage changes over time enabling you to stay ahead of storage demand. IBM Tivoli Storage Optimizer for z/OS proactively examines storage group, logical volume and data set attributes and provides out-of-the-box "best practices" which alert you to potential problem areas before they affect your business. It allows the highest degree of confidence that your enterprise storage resources are being used optimally, and that maximum return is being realized on your existing storage investments.

New for Version 3.1:

New capabilities of the latest release of Tivoli Storage Optimizer for z/OS include:

Page last updated on October 22, 2007.

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