IBM® Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE for DB2® Performance Monitor on z/OS® helps you resolve critical performance issues

It enables you to monitor, analyze and optimize the performance of DB2 Universal Database™ and DB2 on z/OS applications online in real time and in batch reports.

Features, advantages and benefits
Stored procedure monitoring Actively monitor and manage the performance of stored procedures Now track, manage and report on the health and performance of your stored procedures--increasing the value of stored procedure usage in your organization.
Enhanced 3270 interface Dynamic portal like UI provides enterprise view with “windows-like” scrollable L/R rows (independent of panes), customizable screens, maximize, minimize, and close, etc. Minimize screen interaction and operator time through dramatically increased usability, flexibility and customizability of the user interface. Even include and move between different z/OS components in a Sysplex.
Wide range of sophisticated and customizable reports Lets you perform in-depth analysis of problems with your applications or DB2 system Provide statistics for a given application; help anticipate bottlenecks; Better optimize SQL statements
Performance warehouse that stores performance data and analysis tools Autonomic self-managing capacities allow you to define, schedule and run automated processes Convert and load reports; Save DB2 trace and report data for analysis; Upgrade the performance database tables
Single point of control across your enterprise See information from multiple OMEGAMON XE monitors and third party software Identify and track problems across your enterprise from a single location to help make decisions quickly, efficiently and proactively
Integrated with other innovative capabilities Combined batch reporting, real-time monitoring and historical tracking features Complete support for DB2 Universal Database for z/OS V8.1, Launch from IBM DB2 Control Center with direct connect to DB2 Visual Explain; SAP and Oracle support for extended identification fields

Business benefits

Comprehensive and reliable, Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE for DB2® Performance Monitor on z/OS® permits you to monitor, analyze and optimize the performance of DB2 Universal Database and DB2 on z/OS applications in two key modes: online, in real time with immediate alerts when problems occur, and batch, in reports.

As a single engine for performance data collection logic, Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Monitor on z/OS helps you resolve critical performance issues. Use it to monitor:

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