Rational Asset Manager ist eine verbindliche Bibliothek für die bei der Software- und Systembereitstellung einbezogenen Ressourcen

Rational Asset Manager Standard Edition wurde entwickelt, um Pilottestprogramme und Projekte für den Einstieg dabei zu unterstützen, die Kontrolle über ihre gesamten Ressourcen, u. a. Geschäfts-, Technologie- und Softwareressourcen, zu erlangen.

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Business challengeProduct featuresBusiness benefits
  • Need to reduce IT maintenance costs caused by stakeholders not being able to find assets
  • Automated cataloging of assets

  • Powerful search capabilities

  • Notification when new assets are introduced
  • Reduced time to create, maintain and find assets

  • Reduced cost implications from search failures

  • Savings from reduced asset duplication
  • Duplication of assets results in higher development and operations training costs required to maintain complex systems
  • Powerful search, review, and policy enforcement

  • Custom categorizations and states to communicate sunset or non-strategic assets

  • Audit reporting to understand asset utilization
  • Reduced development, maintenance and operations costs by project and across lines business

  • Reduced operations and maintenance costs by reducing solution complexity
  • Business is overwhelmed with compliance mandates and lack policy enforcement resulting in unmanaged risks

  • Manual reviews are costly

  • Source of costs:

  • Unapproved open source or GPL

  • Manual or ad hoc reviews
  • Automated review boards & policy enforcement

  • Out of the box policies
  • Elimination of non-reviewed & non-compliant assets

  • Reduced number of review processes, associated people, and time required

  • Elimination of costs from past risk and policy failures
  • Difficult to identify assets and resources that are driving business value, resulting in improper resource allocation
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Resources are allocated appropriately to drive business value

  • Ability to practice product and portfolio management with finer granularity
  • Uncontrolled changes without buy-in from business and technical stakeholders
  • Business intelligence reports

  • Impact analysis

  • Notification of asset changes
  • Reduced development and maintenance costs stemming from smaller number of changes that must be reversed of fixed
  • Underperforming value potential from globally distributed development
  • Asset collaboration and governance, reporting, and notification enables intelligent globally distributed development
  • Improved development productivity and visibility across the globally distributed enterprise
  • Various number of types of staff spanning across geographies makes product license management unwieldy
  • NEW: Server-based and floating licensing model

  • NEW: Distinct collaborator and publisher client access license types
  • Scales well for large, geographically distributed organizations

  • Flexibility to purchase and deploy the right type of license based on user role and intended usage

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