Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for CICS Transaction Gateway on z/OS

Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE for CICS Transaction Gateway manages CICS Transaction Gateway to minimize performance degradation.

Helps users gain actionable information to protect the thousands of transactions per second through J2EE or SOA access to CICS applications.

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Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for CICS Transaction Gateway on z/OS

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observable characteristic what it does value to prospect
Monitors CICS Transaction Gateway v7 Detects and provides context to help isolate problems Helps reduce MTTR and improve uptime of critical applications
Monitors CICS Transaction Gateway connections and workload on the mainframe Provides insight into the health and activity of critical workloads Protects performance of thousands of transactions per second
CICS TS Servers report Shows health of relationship between a specific CICS TG and all CICS TS server regions Helps balance workload
CICS TG server and gateway daemon resrouce reports Helps determine how to allocate and size resources to handle workloads Improves performance
Transaction analysis reports Shows types of transactions in the Gateway Daemon and the success vs. rolled-back ratio Enables operators to monitor and protect particular (most important) transaction types
Supports Tivoli Data Warehouse Provides historical reporting Can help manage peak periods and predict future requirements
Leverages Tivoli Enterprise Portal Provides a single user interface for all Tivoli performance monitors Reduces training time, increases productivity
Customizable workspaces Pulls together information across all Tivoli and OMEGAMON monitors Leverages expertise of operators, performance analysts and systems programmers to improve productivity


Business benefits

CICS operations, help desk and management users will benefit from insight into the health and activity of critical workloads using CTG.

OMEGAMON for CICS TG helps customers avoid costly downtime or transaction performance degradation, and rapidly isolate and resolve problems that may arise.

Though CTG has been available for years, until December 2006 there was no API for monitoring resource and workload statistics. Customers using CTG v7 to provide J2EE or SOA access to CICS applications can use O4CTG to take advantage of this new API to gain actionable information for managing their systems and transactions effectively.

The combination of new monitoring capabilities for CTG and predefined integration with other monitors makes OMEGAMON for CICS TG the least disruptive way to gain real insight into the health of J2EE and SOA services, and manage uptime and performance. OMEGAMON for CICS TG is the first software to help manage the availability and performance of CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) v7 and the many thousands of transactions per second processed through it.

As a Tivoli monitor, it supports common features like customizable workspaces, intelligent alerts, automated actions and expert advice. It leverages the Tivoli Enterprise Portal, including dynamic workspace linking and agent versioning support, and it supports the IBM Tivoli Data Warehouse.


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