IBM® Tivoli® OMEGACENTER® Gateway on z/OS is a system automation tool for the z/OS® and OS/390® environments.

It integrates your console automation solutions, availability monitors and Tivoli OMEGAMON® solutions to provide automated responses to system events.

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Tivoli OMEGACENTER Gateway on z/OS

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Advanced SSI interface for console message automation Automatically respond to console events and messages Reduces human error by responding consistently and immediately to console events and messages for fewer outages and slowdowns
Event filtering using wildcard characters simplifies scripting Wildcard characters in REXX scripts allow you to automate responses to common data center messages and initiate repetitive activities Increases productivity; frees staff for higher-level tasks
Time-of-day scheduling Run tasks on schedule at any time of day, without human intervention Keep your data center running 24 hours a day, whether you are there or not
Supports common operating systems, subsystems, and communication standards Control business critical applications, systems and subsystems with support for REXX, VTAM, TCP/IP and SOAP, SYSPLEX XCF communication and XES data sharing, and MVS/IMS command entry and response capture Improve customer service levels and keep your business running smoothly
Integrates monitoring with automation and responds to monitor alerts at machine speed Provides automation between interfaces for OMEGAMON, OMEGAVIEW, AF/REMOTE, NetView, CICS, IMS and audit logs Run your business efficiently; capitalize on your monitoring investment by taking immediate action on alerts


Business benefits

IBM Tivoli OMEGACENTER® Gateway on z/OS® is a system automation tool for the z/OS and OS/390® environment that provides centralized integration of console actions and monitoring alerts. Tivoli OMEGACENTER Gateway on z/OS integrates console automation solutions, availability monitors and IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® solutions to provide automated response to system events shown on console displays. Tivoli OMEGACENTER Gateway on z/OS automation increases staff productivity, speeds system response, and reduces business impact from adverse system events.

IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS is the primary IBM Tivoli automation product for building an end-to-end autonomic computing solution. The AF products will continue to be available for customers primarily focused on mainframe console automation, integration with OMEGAMON data, and outboard automation. The AF family of products are supported and enhanced to keep them current.


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