Implementiert bidirektionale Verbindungen mit Microsoft Project

Mithilfe von Maximo Adapter for Microsoft Project können Sie innerhalb von Microsoft Project Maximo-Daten in Echtzeit anzeigen und planen.

Maximo Adapter for Microsoft Project nutzt ein einheitliches Projektmanagementtool, um Projektdetails aus Maximo in Microsoft Project anzuzeigen und mit ihnen zu arbeiten.

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Features, advantages and benefits
Bi-directional integration between Maximo and Microsoft Project ensuring data consistency across both systems. Embedded forms, dialogs and filters in Microsoft Project allow quick access to Maximo data and added functionality related to work and resource planning. Integrates Maximo Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance (PM), Assets, Resources and Calendars with Microsoft Project.
Supports the creation of work orders in Maximo from Microsoft Project. Updates Maximo with the new schedules, logic and activities from Microsoft Project. Asset calendars in Maximo can be part of resource scheduling that considers not only the availability of required working resources but the availability of the equipment as well.

Business benefits

IBM Maximo Adapter for Microsoft Project implements bi-directional connectivity between Maximo and Microsoft Project. It combines the asset and work management capabilities of Maximo Asset Management with the scheduling, project management and resource planning capabilities of Microsoft Project.

Product requirements

The product requirements and configuration matrix apply to the following products: IBM Maximo Asset Management, Tivoli Asset Management for IT, Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database, Tivoli Provisioning Manager, IBM Tivoli Release Process Manager, Tivoli Business Continuity Process Manager, Tivoli Service Request Manager, Tivoli End Point Manager, and Tivoli Service Automation Manager.

IBM Maximo 7.1 Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements:
IBM® Maximo® uses an n-Tier architecture, which lets you deploy Maximo across one or more tiers. You can run Maximo on a single physical server or across multiple servers depending on the number of users and the hardware.

IBM Maximo and related products are part of a family of products with similar minimum hardware and software requirements. Use the link below to see the latest requirements for the Client Workstation, Application Server and Database Server.

IBM Maximo Software Configuration Matrix:
There are a number of combinations of operating systems, databases, applications servers, browsers, and report writers. Use the link below to access the current configuration matrix for the Maximo and the rest of the related family of products. This link includes configurations, languages, and platforms details

Additional Usage Restrictions:
Learn more about additional Usage Restrictions that may apply to this product. For more details, please refer to the Announcement Letter for the respective product.


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