Steigert die Kundenzufriedenheit durch eine effektive Verwaltung von Ressourcen durch Serviceanbieter

IBM Maximo for Service Providers unterstützt die Verwaltung von Ressourcen für mehrere Kunden mit einer einzigen implementierten Instanz

IBM Maximo for Service Providers reduziert die Gesamtbetriebskosten und erhöht Rentabilität und Kundenzufriedenheit durch die Verwaltung der Ressourcen Ihrer Kunden.

Funktionen und Vorteile (US)

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Features, advantages and benefits
Billing Functionality Rich functionality allows for multiple billing methods across managed assets and services. Gives a service provider visibility into all of the costs of maintaining assets and providing services. Provides transparency for the customer into their usage of those assets and services.
Customer Agreements One repository for data such as a listing of the Services you will provide to your customers; the SLAs to provide them; the prices that will be charged and the ability to monitor the process around delivering these services. Documentation of the services that will be performed for the customer. Entitlement checks against these agreements allowing you to ensure the Customer is entitled to that service under the requested conditions, and, most importantly, the prices that will be charged for the services provided.
Response Plans Functionality includes the ability to automatically assign the appropriate person or team responsible for handling each request, will select the appropriate job plan or template to accomplish the requested work, will notify the appropriate individuals about the work in process, and will determine the next steps that are needed. Provides for a smooth and consistent response to any request from customers. Provides visibility for Service Provider mgmt and the customer on the progress of the response.
Multi-Customer Operation Complete segregation of customer data. Provides the ability to run multiple customers on one instance. Reduced cost for maintenance and upkeep.
Interactive, Action Based Workflows Comprehensive engine allowing you to automate service delivery. Ensures consistency of service delivery and process management.
Versatile Reporting Engine Report tooling includes canned reports, Key Performance Indicators displayed on a dashboard, Ad Hoc Query functionality and a query wizard allowing users to define and schedule their own reports. Provides Service Provider management with in depth results on their business.

Business benefits

The Key Business benefits of the product to the Service Providers include:

- Timely and accurate billing
- Customer pre-approval of the billing of completed work


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