Erfassung und Analyse von aktiven Daten

IBM InfoSphere Streams ist eine innovative IT-Plattform, die dafür sorgt, dass benutzerspezifisch entwickelte Anwendungen in kürzester Zeit Informationen aus Tausenden von Echtzeitquellen aufnehmen, analysieren und korrelieren können. Die Lösung unterstützt einen sehr hohen Datendurchsatz von bis zu mehreren Millionen Ereignissen oder Nachrichten pro Sekunde.

InfoSphere Streams unterstützt Sie in folgender Hinsicht:

Analyse von aktiven Daten

Einfachere Entwicklung von Streaming-Anwendungen

Größere Wertschöpfung aus bestehenden Systemen

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Erfassung und Analyse von aktiven Daten

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What's new in IBM InfoSphere Streams

Announced March 10, 2015, InfoSphere Streams v4.0 includes new features and functions designed to instantly analyze and fuse massive volumes of data and integrate with existing infrastructures. It delivers new capabilities to increase business agility, ensure application resiliency, and empower IT administrators and developers.

Details of the new capabilities in IBM InfoSphere Streams

Business agility

One of the most widely used Business Intelligence (BI) tools is Microsoft Excel. Until the new release of InfoSphere Streams, Microsoft Excel could only analyze data at rest. Now streaming data is available quickly and easily directly in Excel by dragging and dropping information onto a worksheet.

The result is rapid prototyping of real-time applications to increase agility and time to market. For example, the business analyst can quickly search streaming data for key performance indicators like number of webpage visits or detect patterns for a market basket analysis.

Application resiliency

With the emergence of new engagement models, organizations are bringing streaming data sources into mission critical applications such as customer care, security and risk management and operations analysis. Resiliency of streaming applications is now a priority while the complexity of new and fast moving data sources is increasing. To meet service levels, deliver better customer care, and ensure optimal action, organizations need to guarantee all streaming data is processed.

The new release of InfoSphere Streams is enhanced with simple operators and annotations to guarantee no data loss.

Simplicity for IT administrators and developers

IT professionals are being asked to do more with less and highly skilled resources are in demand. As streaming applications play a growing role in critical applications so does the need for simplicity. InfoSphere Streams empowers IT users of all types and skill levels to have deeper insights into operations and performance. In today’s engaged world, a five minute delay means business goes elsewhere. A new administration console, a Java Management Extensions (JMX) management and monitoring application programming interface (API), simpler security and adoption of Apache Zookeeper are now available in InfoSphere Streams.


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