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Create and deploy new applications and services quickly.

Connect your existing applications and workloads to the cloud seamlessly.

Optimize your IT investments with integration, automation and insights.

Manage your IT services for a superior customer experience.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is an approach to lean and agile software delivery that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development and IT operations. Historically, development and operations, and even testing, have been siloed operations. DevOps brings them together to improve agility and reduce the time needed to address customer feedback. With continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring of applications, you can:

  • Respond to the market faster and build engaging user experiences.
  • Scale DevOps successfully without disrupting your business.
  • Build a startup culture that brings business, development and operations together.

Demonstrated industry leadership

IBM named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Continuous Deployment and Release Automation, Q3 2017

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Innovate like a startup

IBM Cloud Garage Method named most innovative DevOps solution of 2016.*

Continuously innovate with IBM DevOps tools and methodologies

Continuous delivery

Release applications more often and with better quality.

Deliver continuously

Software testing

Testing earlier with production-like environments to eliminate bottlenecks.

Test early and often

Application management

Eliminate performance blind spots and understand customer behavior, with continuous feedback.

Manage applications better

DevOps on IBM Bluemix

Use IBM Bluemix® to integrate your favorite tools into an open, scalable DevOps toolchain.

Simplify and scale your software delivery pipeline

Application lifecycle management

Deliver high-quality apps with collaborative, agile software development.

Read about ALM

IT operations analytics

Use monitoring technologies and cognitive analytics to stop costly outages before they start.

Get more on IT operations analytics

IT operations management

Monitor your IT operations to identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business services.

Learn about IT operations management


Just getting started or growing your DevOps? Methodologies can help.

Learn about DevOps methodologies

Application servers

Move your existing applications to the cloud with ease.

Explore application servers

DevOps use cases

Build cloud-native apps

Build and manage 1 – 100 cloud-native aps with a fail-fast/fail-safe culture.

Learn how

Speed development and testing

Automate and accelerate development and testing on any cloud.

Learn how

NBCUniversal Scales DevOps Across a Large Multi-speed IT Enterprise

"…the code quality has improved, it's going faster and we're able to meet the business requirements much more rapidly."

—John Comas, Manager of Platform DevOps, NBCUniversal

DevOps resources

Computer screen representing software development with DevOps

Assess the state of your software delivery approach

Three cubes representing private cloud, public cloud and multi-cloud

Get the power of cloud behind your firewall

Graphic image representing the components of the IBM Cloud Garage Method, including Think, code, Deliver, Run, Manage, Learn, and Culture.

Scale DevOps for the enterprise

image of a hand tracing a bar graph showing improvement, representing successful case studies with DevOps.

Success with IBM DevOps

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Immobilien- und Gebäudemanagement

Lösungen zur Steigerung der Rendite

Mit IBM Lösungen für das Facility-Management können Entscheidungsträger in den Bereichen Finanzen und Immobilien schnellere, fundiertere Entscheidungen treffen. Bessere Entscheidungen können Mehrwert für das Unternehmen bedeuten: durch die Ermittlung von Immobilientransaktionen mit hoher Rendite, bessere Nutzung von Anlagen und Einrichtungen sowie die Verringerung der Energiekosten.

IBM Software für das Facility-Management unterstützt Sie in folgender Hinsicht:

Relevante Angebote

Aufbau intelligenterer Infrastrukturen

Verändern Sie mit Big Data die Art und Weise, wie die Anlagen, Einrichtungen und Assets Ihres Unternehmens verwaltet und gesteuert werden.

Verknüpfung von Arbeitsplatzdaten mit Analyse

Lernen Sie Schlüsselkriterien für ein integriertes
system kennen.

Mehr Platz und weniger Kosten

So wirken sich Veränderungen der Mitarbeiterdynamik auf das Facility-Management aus.

Geschäftliche Umstrukturierung

So unterstützt die Big-Data-Analyse Sie dabei, das Management Ihrer Anlagen, Einrichtungen und Assets zu optimieren.

IBM Lösungen für das Facility-Management können Mehrwert für Ihr Unternehmen bedeuten: durch die Ermittlung von Immobilientransaktionen mit hoher Rendite, bessere Nutzung von Anlagen und Einrichtungen sowie die Verringerung der Energiekosten.

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Alle Produkte - Immobilien- und Gebäudemanagement


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