Intelligent vulnerability scanning to reduce critical exposures and meet compliance

A Provocative New Approach to
Integrated Security Intelligence

IBM® Security QRadar® Vulnerability Manager proactively discovers network device and application security vulnerabilities, adds context and supports the prioritization of remediation and mitigation activities. It is fully integrated with the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, and enriches the results of both scheduled and dynamic vulnerability scans with network asset information, security configurations, flow data, logs and threat intelligence to manage vulnerabilities and achieve compliance.

IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager helps you develop an optimized plan for addressing security exposures. Unlike stand-alone tools, the solution integrates vulnerability information to help security teams gain the visibility they need to work more efficiently and reduce costs.

IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager is part of the IBM Security QRadar SIEM architecture. It can be quickly activated with a licensing key and requires no new hardware or software appliances.

IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager:

Helps prevent security breaches

Provides a consolidated vulnerability view

Integrates with IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

Performs intelligent, customizable scheduled and event-driven scanning

IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager resources

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