Customers want relevant, personalized and consistent interactions. Catalysts such as social media, real-time access to information and mobile devices are redefining what they expect. These trends are fundamentally changing how marketing must work to improve business success.

With IBM marketing solutions, part of the IBM Commerce portfolio, you can engage with your customers in highly relevant, interactive dialogues across digital, social, mobile and traditional channels. You can personalize and optimize cross-channel campaigns and digital marketing efforts to convert visitors into repeat customers and advocates.

Featured marketing solutions

Whether you are looking for a single or broad marketing solution, IBM provides tools to support you:

  • Omni-channel marketing

    Omni-channel marketing

    Deliver single, personalized experiences across channels to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and sales.

  • Digital marketing

    Digital marketing

    Orchestrate digital interactions using behavioral insights to deliver relevant customer engagement.

  • Journey design

    Journey design

    Collaborate across teams to design and improve customer experiences.


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Improve digital customer experiences

Learn strategies to improve the online customer experience based on a 2014 survey.

Shorten digital purchase cycles

Solve conversion struggles by understanding your customers' digital experience and purchase journey.

Engage with IBM Commerce

Attract, delight and grow the loyalty of customers by enriching the ways you engage each of them.

IBM marketing solutions enable your marketing organization to deeply engage customers and prospects. Using a fast, effective digital marketing platform, you can develop timely, relevant and responsive communications across channels.

Featured marketing products

  • IBM Campaign

    IBM Campaign

    Deliver personalized, relevant marketing messages across touchpoints.

  • IBM Interact

    IBM Interact

    Determine the right personalized messages to present across digital marketing channels in near real time.

  • IBM Journey Designer

    IBM Journey Designer

    Create customer journeys in minutes to collaboratively visualize cross-channel journeys and design tailored customer experiences.

  • IBM Marketing Cloud

    IBM Marketing Cloud

    Deliver exceptional experiences for customers across the buyer journey, increasing customer engagement and revenue.

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