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New IBM analytics software helps doctors transition to predictive healthcare

IBM today unveiled Patient Care and Insights, new analytics software based on innovations from IBM Labs that helps healthcare organizations improve patient care and lower operational costs by considering the specific health history of each individual patient. The IBM solution provides the core capabilities for devising predictive models of various health conditions that can be used to identify early intervention opportunities to improve the patient’s outlook by minimizing or avoiding potential health problems.
23 Oct 2012

Insights on Defensible Disposal: You can't keep all your data forever.

To make defensible disposal possible, organizations like the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Counsel (CGOC) are bringing together legal, compliance, records, business and IT stakeholders from top global organizations to establish standards and improve supply-and-demand practices and mature lifecycle processes. This effort is already helping companies curb storage growth and cut costs, increase e-discovery efficiency, and ensure that regulatory obligations for information are satisfied.
17 Jul 2012

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