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IBM Launches its Smarter Workforce Initiative

IBM pulled together a variety of products and services and launched a major campaign to position IBM as a leading provider of HR and talent management solutions.
01 Feb 2013

Forbes - One Year Later and IBM's Social Business is Still Superior to Apple's

Apple looks to be losing momentum while IBM’s is building.
01 Feb 2013

Gearing up for IBM Connect

Taking Social Business to school
23 Jan 2013

IBM's SmartCloud Docs

Social Business vs. Productivity Suites
23 Jan 2013

Business Women Get Social in the Cloud

Women in business are an intelligent and savvy group that relishes in helping others succeed.
15 Jan 2013

Is your business ready to be a social business?

What should our presence on social media look like and how does this fit into the overall brand?
03 Jan 2013

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview

The Benefits of Cloud-based Collaboration with Ed Brill, IBM
03 Jan 2013

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