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Extending the value of legacy applications

Inflexible, aging, and poorly integrated IT systems can hinder your ability to quickly innovate and deliver new products and services to your customers. Today’s users have grown accustomed to the ease of use of modern Web-based applications. However, many organizations still depend on traditional text-oriented, host based applications which can be inefficient, difficult to use, and hard to change. Organizations are looking for efficient, secure and high performance access to this information from new and existing applications to improve customer satisfaction and drive new business growth.

IBM application modernization offers solutions to help you revitalize, modernize, and extend these applications to deliver new differentiated value and realize greater return on technology investments and avoid costly rewrites.

Featured application modernization products

  • Rational Developer for Power Systems

    Rational Developer for Power Systems

    Integrated development and debug tools for AIX IBM i, and Linux, covering C/C++ and COBOL application development.

  • Rational Migration Extension

    Rational Migration Extension

    Migrate older applications to EGL a modern programming environment that facilitates deployment of applications and services on to open platforms.

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New application development game changers for AIX development on Power
No one else has the application development game changers that Rational Developer for Power for AIX development provides. We will demonstrate the new features including the performance and porting wizards that will support your multi-core and multi-thread application requirements to exploit your POWER hardware.

Realize increased productivity when you move from ADTS to Rational Developer for Power for IBM i
When you move from ADTS (Application Development Toolset) to Rational Developer for Power for RPG and COBOL for IBM i a whole new world of functionality opens up to you. We will demonstrate some of the top features to show how Rational Developer for Power can provide you with double digit increases in productivity.

Modernize IBM i development with ARCAD and Rational tools!
Join this Live Webcast and learn how the powerful combination of Rational and ARCAD Software can improve your IBM i application intelligence, agility, robustness and efficiency.

Tired of wrestling with point solutions on your Power System?
Join Rational Product Manager, Chris Trobridge, to explore how the newest generation of Rational products is leveraging Jazz technology.


#243 Bringing Mobile to Your Power Systems Applications

We seem to be in a mobile "2.0" zone, where companies are realizing that they must up their game to remain competitive. For most, this means pushing out more sophisticated applications, and in order to do this they often must extend to their backend Power System. We'll talk to "Why" you might want to extend (access to databases, etc.) And then cover "What unique application development and delivery challenges this creates?"

A new class of tools for developing, porting, and optimizing C/C++ applications for AIX
Hear from Bill Smith, Product Manager, about the capabilities of the latest release of Rational Developer for Power Systems Software for IBM i, AIX and Linux. Focus will be on a new class of workflow driven Advisor tools for porting and optimizing C and C++ applications for AIX.

Sandboxes are not just for kids!
Have you ever wondered how you can try IBM Rational products anytime, anyplace and anywhere at no cost? It's easy. Through hands-on participation, guided walk-thru and the use of live, running System z and Power Systems (IBM i, AIX, Linux) development scenarios and solutions, our Enterprise Modernization Sandboxes help you experience and evaluate IBM® Enterprise Modernization solutions for the System z™ and Power Systems™ platforms. Susan Yoskin, speaker.


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  • Webcast: Adding Mobile to Power Applications - It's Easier Than You Thought, for Power Systems from IBM

    Webcast: Adding Mobile to Power Applications - It's Easier Than You Thought, for Power Systems from IBM

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