Multi-platform release automation

  Fundamentals of Application Release and Deployment

Standardization of repeatable tasks for increased quality

New deployment models and tools facilitate collaboration between teams by standardizing and automating repeatable tasks, resulting in better deployment quality with reduced risk and costs.

IBM® release and deployment solutions streamline multi-platform deployments with a clear path to next-generation systems management providing:

Fidelity Worldwide Investment reduced the time required for software releases by 99 percent, from 2 - 3 days to just 1 - 2 hours, and achieved cost avoidance of more than USD2.3 million per year. Check out the case study to find how IBM helped Fidelity achieve these results.

Featured deployment modernization products

IBM UrbanCode Deploy
Orchestrate and automate the deployment of applications, middleware configurations and database changes into development, test and production environments including z/OS, Linux on z Systems, and distributed platforms.

IBM UrbanCode Release
Plan, execute, and track the release of complex, interdependent applications, infrastructure changes and simultaneous deployments of multiple applications.

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Multi-platform Deployment Automation with IBM UrbanCode

Applications can now be deployed across multiple platforms in minutes versus days. And with secure ‘pushbutton’ deployments, IBM UrbanCode Deploy improves productivity and reduces cycle time to develop and test applications, simplifying software delivery in your complex enterprise environments.

Multi-platform application deployment with UrbanCode Deploy

Learn how to use IBM UrbanCode Deploy to manage the deployment of a z/OS operating system as part of a multi-platform application. This article includes two scenarios of how to use UrbanCode Deploy to help deploy z/OS applications: how to deploy directly using the z/OS agent, and how to integrate with the existing deployment process.

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