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Our vision

The IBM Ottawa Software Lab

 Our lab's focus is to deliver innovative software tools, runtimes and components with unmatched utility, power, portability, and integration. Our skilled, high performance teams build on deep competencies in these specialized areas to consistently advance the state of the art.

Our technologies are changing the way the software industry builds tools, and what those tools can do for our customers. Our runtimes are defining new directions for pervasive computing. Our components are enabling new business opportunities. While our vision, scope and mandate continue to grow, our ideals remain the same. 

We hire and develop the best people in the business. We put in the creativity and hard work needed to turn innovative technologies into leading-edge products with the potential to transform the industry. It is in our history, our people and our future.

On demand business

IBM is leading the next big change in business and computing -- e-business on demand. An on demand business is a company whose business processes -- integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers, and customers -- can respond with flexibility and speed to any customer demand, market opportunity, or external threat.

At the Ottawa lab, we are collaborating to deliver key components of IBM's on demand solutions. Our technologies are transforming the way our customers build the software that powers the on demand revolution.

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On demand business