Why IBM?

Opportunities to develop your career

Every year, students from universities across Canada join the IBM Canada Lab for work term placements. IBM Canada Lab interns rave about the many benefits of working in an environment where ideas and people come first.
When you join IBM as a co-op student or intern, you will be considered a full-team member and will tackle the same challenges as everybody else on your team. IBM offers an incredible amount of flexibility and freedom for its student hires – unique to any other employer in this industry. We are committed to making each work placement an instructive and rewarding experience.

If you're a smart student looking for a placement brimming with challenges, responsibility, mentoring, and fun, excellent opportunities await you across IBM Canada!

See what some of our student hires are saying about their IBM work experience:

Samer Mansour
IT Information Management Developer
IBM Canada Lab - Toronto Site
Former Intern
Not only did I return for a second internship, but I also signed on for a full time job immediately after graduation because the people I work with are truly brilliant minds in their respective fields. My team introduced me to a spread of technologies I would never run into in other typical software jobs like RFIDs, mobile development and business intelligence. They even brought new perspectives on how I can pick up skills, perform my work and plan my career. I was taken care of like family so I could do my best – that's what mattered most to me in the end.

Olivia Stille
Market Analyst - SWG Market Insights
IBM Canada Lab – Toronto Site
Intern 2010-2011
What a great opportunity to be a student at IBM! Getting to be part of a global team and apply and expand what I've learned at school has really allowed me to grow. And there's always something happening here at IBM and in the FutureBlue community, keeping everyone entertained. Be it WATSON on Jeopardy!, a BBQ with other students, or writing for the FutureBlue blog, IBM has certainly kept me excited to be here every day.

Cody Harris
J9 Virtual Machine
IBM Canada Lab - Ottawa Site
I decided to join IBM after my co-op because of the work environment, the team, and the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology. I worked with the J9 team here in Ottawa for a total of five co-op terms across four years, and became very familiar with the product and the individual team members. During my co-op terms, I was exposed to many different facets of the J9 product, and was able to participate in the inception and implementation of many new groundbreaking technologies. The team here in Ottawa is extremely supportive and the opportunities are endless; it's a definitely a great environment for developing your skills under the leadership of the brightest minds in the industry. IBM is a global company, and you can get the opportunity to try new things in new places. You can focus on your personal development and give back to create something great. That's why I picked IBM.

Maria Smirnoff
Extreme Blue Canada Program Lead
IBM Canada Lab - Ottawa Site
I first joined IBM as a co-op student in Fall of 2006. The rationale behind my decision to accept a work-term at IBM was to get my ‘foot-in-the-door’ with a company where I could see myself working full-time post graduation. As it happened, my 4-month co-op then got extended by extra 8 months, and I chose to stay because I was really enjoying my work – first as the Student Programs Coordinator, then as the Site Coordinator for the Extreme Blue Program in Ottawa. In September 2007, I returned to university to complete my final 8 months of school. Luckily, I made great connections during my work-term, and the impression I had left on my superiors and colleagues was a positive one, so I was offered a job at IBM for after graduation. What a relief it is to have a job secured by mid-February of my graduating year! What’s also interesting is that in March 2010, I left IBM and joined another company in a similar role. However, when that role failed to meet my expectations, I once again turned to my connections at IBM and got a job. The reason I chose to return was the flexibility that IBM offers me to do my work. I have the ability to decide what I do on any given day/week/month, and how I do it. I have a powerful network of 430,000 professionals around the world, and the ability to get in touch with any of them if I need to. In fact, I’ve never had an e-mail go unanswered, no matter how junior or senior the person receiving it is. Finally, I have the tools to shape my career, with input and support from my managers, both present and past.