Welcome to the IBM Canada Software Lab!

Driving innovation that matters on a global scale

Welcome to the IBM Canada Software Lab! The IBM Canada Lab got its start in Toronto in 1967 with just 55 employees. Today, this number has grown to several thousand due to acquisitions and new missions with sites across the country.

When you join our diverse group of fresh thinkers, you will have the opportunity to tap into a level of technical expertise unique to IBM, as well as proven ideas for software development. This blend of experienced professionals, academic learning, and young graduates creates a compelling atmosphere, where different viewpoints come together to form world-class products.

Building a smarter planet

Today, Canadians find themselves in a world that is not only smaller and flatter – it's smarter. Unprecedented global integration and increasingly networked technology are connecting the workplace and the marketplace, enabling new opportunities to do things better and more efficiently. The systems, infrastructures and processes that underpin how business and society function are becoming infused with a new level of intelligence, and that is opening up new possibilities for progress. At IBM, we call this our Smarter Planet vision. Leaders of businesses, governments and institutions have a unique opportunity to leverage this insight and positively transform the way the world works – and the IBM Canada Lab remains committed to helping deliver on that vision.