Fueling a social driving revolution with mobile cloud analytics

Published on 22 Jun 2016

Choosing the right IBM technologies has helped us turn Carbip from a bright idea into a viable product in less than 12 months.

Eric Barault, Co-founder and Technical Director, Carbip


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Founded in 2015, Carbip is a French application development company that focuses on building innovative solutions for car-sharing and car-pooling. The Carbip app, available on Android and iOS smartphones, allows users to build schedules, lend their cars to friends, and even co-ordinate journeys in real time to help people make the most efficient use of their vehicles.

Business need
To help drivers and travelers throughout France co-ordinate car-sharing and car-pooling, Carbip needed a flexible, scalable technology platform to help bring its innovative smartphone app to market.

By harnessing IBM Cloud Data Services, Carbip has built an app capable of scaling to support thousands of users and millions of journeys, and analyzing complex geolocational data in real time.

The IBM solutions help Carbip evolve its app quickly, accelerating development speed by a factor of four, and helping the company get new features to market ahead of its competitors.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

IBM API Connect, IBM Bluemix, IBM Compose Enterprise

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