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Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Transforming distribution to bring security within reach

Published on 26 Aug 2011

Reliance Life


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When C. Mohan took on the job of CTO for a small entrant into India’s newly privatized life insurance market, he brought with him a transformative vision on selling life insurance to the masses. On the strength of that vision, Reliance is on a fast path to market leadership.

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Reliance launched a comprehensive self-service portal solution called Lifeline which has lowered operational costs by 30% while making the customer experience more streamlined and transparent. More importantly, the solution enabled Reliance to evolve its business model in a way that positioned it for a broader base of market growth than its competitors. For the company, this new strategy has led to industry-leading growth and a dramatic increase in market share. For the rural citizens who now find life insurance within reach, it promises a life of greater security, control and peace of mind.

Leadership is - Making the Case When C. Mohan brought his idea for low-cost, self-service distribution to Reliance’s Board and CEO, he was, in effect, asking them to make a leap of faith, since “nothing like it had yet been done in the Indian market,” says Mohan. By focusing not only on top-line growth but also on big CAPEX and OPEX savings, Mohan made a strong case for low-cost distribution as the key to profitable long-term growth. — C. Mohan, Chief Technology Officer, Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited

• 4x increase in market share from #11 to #3 provider in the Indian private life insurance market. • Greater than 50 percent reduction in time required to develop new services and features. • 30% reduction in operating costs, enabling the distribution of lowcost policies to rural, low-income households. • Avoidance of millions of dollars in capital expenditures due to lessened requirements for branch and call center build-outs.


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