BinckBank uses IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ to create subsets of its huge Oracle production databases, giving its developers realistic data to test their code against, while reducing server and storage costs in its test environments by up to 90 percent.


Akamai engaged IBM Global Business Services to transform its Oracle applications environment. Now, the company is capturing and reporting on data in far greater detail and much faster than ever before, offering deeper insight into global sales, products, customers and markets.

Public utility holding company

With support from IBM Global Business Services, this utility company migrated some 500,000 customers to its core Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing system, ensuring they are billed accurately and on time to boost satisfaction and maximize revenue generation.

Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council embraced a more cost-efficient way to guarantee 24/7 availability for the Oracle Database environment supporting its critical services by consolidating its existing distributed server to a zEnterprise BC12 based Enterprise Linux Server environment, ensuring 100 percent availability.

Isle of Anglesey County Council

The Isle of Anglesey County Council enables faster, more reliable access to information, regardless of the level of demand, with a high-performance, resilient infrastructure from IBM. The solution is helping the council deliver improved services and value for money, raising satisfaction.

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