Outtasking gives BADER control and security for the future

Mail order specialist relies on the latest technology and professional system management from IBM

Published on 3 Nov 2012

Sound communication, fast and targeted problem solving: it all happens seamlessly at the Outsourcing Centre in Chemnitz. Business security is very high, and infrastructure availability is 99.7 percent guaranteed.

Siegfried Kälber, Head of Computer Centre Service, BADER



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BADER’s shop window is made of paper: its 1,000-page catalogue showcases 17,000 products, including fashion, accessories, watches and jewellery. In Pforzheim in 1929, Bruno Bader took the risk of starting up a whole new selling concept: a direct advertising and mail-order business with credit options for the average consumer.

Business need
BADER is a major mail order retailer, and processes high volumes of transactions every day. It is critical for the company to have high system availability, reliable disaster recovery plans, up-to-date technology and tailored services – all at a manageable cost.

BADER decided to outtask the running of its IBM® System z® environment to the IBM Outtasking Centre in Chemnitz. The Centre handles tasks such as remote operating, monitoring, administration and service management on behalf of the mail order company.

Increases business security with seamless system monitoring, transparent process descriptions, clear rules and mirroring of the system landscape. Saves the company from considerable investments in its own computer centre infrastructure. Allows IT staff to focus on their core tasks, and reduces business risks with defined Service Level Agreements.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Storage, Storage: DS8000, Storage: Tape & Optical Storage, System z

GTS Strategic Outsourcing: IT Outsourcing Services

Business Resiliency, Enabling Business Flexibility, High Availability

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