Cloud Therapy

Accelerating diagnosis of ultra-rare diseases to save lives and enhance patient care

Published on 25 Oct 2016

Using cutting-edge IBM technology, we are building solutions that stand to spark real change in the healthcare industry and beyond.

Andre Sandoval, CEO, Cloud Therapy

Cloud Therapy

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Built on a vision to make communities smarter and healthier, Cloud Therapy builds solutions that harness cognitive big data analytics and artificial intelligence to help doctors better understand their patients’ ailments. The company has a head office in Quito, Ecuador, and employs people around the globe.

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Rare illnesses can take months to diagnose, as doctors puzzle over test results, review medical literature and consult experts. As patients wait, their conditions may deteriorate or even prove fatal.

Cloud Therapy is harnessing cognitive analytics in the cloud to build a solution that helps doctors interrogate a vast corpus of medical research data and correctly diagnose patients faster than ever.

The solution is projected to accelerate complex diagnoses by 50 percent, giving patients peace-of-mind, and helping them get the treatment they need weeks – or even months – sooner than before.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cloudant Dedicated Cluster, IBM Bluemix, IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier Service, IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank Service

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