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Harnessing IBM Business Analytics and data warehousing on System z technologies to drive multi-million dollar benefits

Published on 8 May 2012

On average it takes about six months and $250,000 to get a new analytics environment up and running with development, test and production environments. With our System z private cloud architecture, we can generally deploy solutions in a couple of days, and at about 10 percent of that cost.

Larry Yarter, Chief Architect, Blue Insight Business Analytics Competency Center, IBM

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First launched in 2009, Blue Insight is IBM’s strategic analytics initiative, which now delivers business intelligence and data warehousing services to more than 390 teams and nearly 200,000 end-users across IBM’s global organization and Business Partner community.

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Blue Insight is IBM’s strategic analytics platform, designed to empower hundreds of thousands of IBM employees with access to sophisticated business intelligence and predictive analytics via a single cost-effective private cloud architecture. Making this vision a reality involved the usual technical and process issues of centralization, but also social and philosophical ones: how could the Blue Insight team convince users that a centralized private cloud solution was the right way forward for IBM’s business to achieve its 2015 roadmap?

Blue Insight uses a suite of IBM Business Analytics and Information Management software running on the IBM® System z® platform, which delivers the highest possible levels of performance, availability, security and scalability. As a result, Blue Insight’s flexible core analytics services place no limits on adoption or sophistication of end-users’ analyses; this versatility, combined with top-level executive support, is helping to drive adoption throughout the enterprise.

Generates new insights that drive real business value. For example, one analytical tool for small deals management has helped IBM Software Group achieve an eight percent increase in revenue by allocating leads to sales channels more effectively. Delivers $25 million savings over five years by eliminating existing departmental analytics systems, reducing hardware, software, facilities and human resources costs. Enables further savings through ongoing cost avoidance. Each time a new project adopts Blue Insight instead of building a departmental solution, IBM saves approximately $250,000.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

InfoSphere Warehouse, InfoSphere QualityStage, InfoSphere Information Server, DB2 for z/OS, InfoSphere DataStage, z/VM, Linux, z/OS, Cognos Business Intelligence

Power Systems, z Systems: zEnterprise 196 (z196)

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