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Published on 22 Dec 2015

Running analytics on Power Systems enables Watson to read millions of documents in seconds.

Carl Kraenzel, Vice President Watson Cloud, Security, and Support, IBM Watson Group

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IBM Watson is a cognitive computing system capable of processing information more like a human than a machine. Initially showcased on the quiz show Jeopardy!, Watson represents a new era of cognitive computing and has the potential to fundamentally change the way we look at solving problems.

Business need
To make cognitive computing a reality and help mankind outthink its biggest challenges, the IBM Watson™ team needed a platform capable of processing and correlating huge volumes of unstructured data.

Specifically designed to accelerate big data insights and hybrid cloud deployments, IBM® Power Systems™ helps Watson to parse natural language, analyze unstructured information and intelligently answer new questions.


Moving Watson to the POWER8® processor architecture delivered 40 times faster Q&A performance, accelerating insight and helping to revolutionize the way humans interact and work with computers.


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