Leveraging Technology

Creating new revenue streams with an innovative integration monitoring solution

Published on 28 Apr 2016

IBM Cloud Data Services are helping us evolve from a systems integrator into a true value generator.

Jim Cantin, President, Leveraging Technology

Leveraging Technology

Computer Services

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United States


Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Leveraging Technology has been one of the nation’s foremost systems integration, enterprise architecture and IT consulting specialists since 1998. The company is now broadening its service portfolio by developing solutions that help clients gain greater visibility of their applications and data-flows, helping them achieve better business performance.

Business need
Systems integration is vital to make business processes efficient – but tight integration often means less visibility of how systems and data are interacting, which makes troubleshooting difficult.

To provide its clients with a clearer view of interactions between their systems, Leveraging Technology developed Interaction Aware, an event monitoring solution built on cloud data services from IBM.

New insight into data-flows helps clients streamline business processes, eliminating errors and reducing costs. The IBM cloud platform can onboard new clients in minutes, delivering results fast.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cloudant Dedicated Cluster, IBM Bluemix, IBM Integration Bus, IBM MQ

Cloud Computing, Data Serving, IBM Analytics, Software as a Service

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