The Poseidon Project

Making the most of the world’s water resources through smarter irrigation

Published on 5 Nov 2015

Bluemix is a great platform for the Internet of Things. It’s quick, scalable, and very intuitive.

Robert-Jan Sips, Research Lead, IBM Center for Advanced Studies

The Poseidon Project

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The Poseidon Project is a voluntary initiative led by the IBM Center for Advanced Studies in Amsterdam and the Dutch Courage Foundation. It aims to build a global community to find solutions that reduce water usage by applying Internet of Things technologies, especially in the agricultural sector.

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Irrigation is essential to grow the crops that feed and clothe the human population – but overconsumption of water is draining the earth’s river basins faster than rain can replenish them.

By developing low-cost Internet of Things-enabled soil moisture sensors, the Poseidon Project aims to revolutionize agriculture by helping farmers pick the most effective times to irrigate their crops.

The project provides vital insight into how farmers can avoid waste to help solve the challenges of full-scale agricultural deployment, and raises awareness of a key environmental issue.


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