Selecting a No SQL approach and scalable database- as-a-service solution supports future growth

Published on 18 Feb 2015

The IBM Cloudant team takes great care of us around the clock; I’ve seen a few database issues arise late at night that get resolved in a few minutes.

Mahmoud Hafez, founder,


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Founded in 2008, and based in Los Angeles, California, AppAdvice provides a wide range of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch application reviews, news, and app discovery services to help online and mobile visitors discover interesting and new iOS apps.

Business need
Given the massive volumes of variably structured data in its application catalog, a relational SQL database was not a viable option for its web/mobile platform. AppAdvice needed a scalable solution to support future growth.

AppAdvice adopted a NoSQL approach and chose the IBM® Cloudant™ Dedicated Cluster solution with its schemaless JSON data storage, fault tolerance for high availability, and scale-out architecture.

Scales to support increasing data volumes and over 400,00 visitors a day; manages database maintenance tasks and helps ensure optimal performance; frees developer time to focus on improving the customer experience.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cloudant Dedicated Cluster

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