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Published on 13 Apr 2016

We have always been hosted on IBM Cloudant and with it as our database-as-a-service there are many things we don't have to build in-house. All we have to do is integrate with IBM Cloudant, then we are up and running.

Jeff Charette, CEO, Menuat



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A digital-menu software provider in the US reduces costs and the need for development resources and better meets customer demands when it implements the IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster solution on which to develop a scalable and reliable digital-menu app.

Business need
Menuat sought to deliver a scalable and reliable digital-menu app to its customers. To do so, the company needed a cloud-based solution that would scale and synchronize data in near real time. Menuat wanted to incorporate geo-synchronization capabilities within its application to better serve its customer requirements.

Menuat selected the IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster solution, a database-as-a-service solution based on Apache CouchDB technology, as the foundation for the Menuat app. Menuat also added the geospatial search capability of the Cloudant Dedicated Cluster solution to its offering to provide local relevance for its users.

By implementing the IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster solution, Menuat gained the ability to deliver a scalable, reliable and robust app to its customers. Menuat maintains low costs and needs fewer resources to development and support of the Menuat app.


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Cloudant Dedicated Cluster

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